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Our Scottish Company

Increasingly people have told us how much they admire our  business model. Inevitably over 25 years we have refined and changed the model but there are some basic principles that we have always followed and continue to follow. These some of our success factors in no particular order.

- Having the best people and investing in them and their development
- Concentrating on the business, making sure that it is the first priority
- Complete focus on customer needs and customer service
- Effective marketing and sales
- Continual reinvestment in technology, always staying up to date
- Quality and image of all products
- Total integrity
- Financial knowledge and control
- Teamwork
- Continual improvement and updating of our products and services
- Having a clear agreed strategy, objectives and plan that is bought into by all staff

Our three main area of business

  • Delivering, and licensing TOP-SET® courses supported entirely by our own materials
  • Conducting or facilitating investigations on behalf of clients
  • Developing and and selling software

This is inevitably a simplification, but as you can see, we are very focussed. We don't sell other companies products or services and we don't drift into areas of business where we don't have full competence.

The majority of our business is outside the UK, and we are able to serve our worldwide clientele by having a very tight structure. We havea very small head office with a very skilled permanent staff. Out in the field we use associate consultants and tutors. These are all highly experienced personnel who must have previously held a senior position for a minimum of ten years before entering a development period with TOP-SET®. Many of our consultants are UK based but we also have internationally based specialists in many countries including, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Australia and also with a permanent office in Houston Texas and representatives in other regions including the Middle East.

This tight model enables us to deliver a high quality service around the world and to quickly respond to clients' need for investigators at inevitably very short notice.