David Ramsay

David Ramsay Biography
A background to the career of David Ramsay

This mini biography gives some relevant background to what I do now and relates mainly to my work with The Kelvin Consultants group and the Kelvin TOP-SET® Incident Investigation system which is now widely adopted around the world. Read more...


Kelvin TOP-SET®
What we do and our business model

A background to Kelvin TOP-SET®, Incident Investigation and Problem Solving. Read about the business model and examples of investigations that the company have been involved with. Read more...


Photo Gallery
Some images from travels around the world

A collection of photographs from my various travels around the world. Visit the photo gallery

Welcome to the personal website of David Ramsay

Welcome to my website. I do hope that you find the content interesting. I have tried to give some background information concerning my career but also to give some insight to me outside of work. I will be regularly updating the site, including in particular my blog about aspects of incident investigation. I have included quite a number of photographs from various places business has taken me around the world and my only regret is that quite a few countries including Mexico and Azerbaijan are missing. Do trawl around the site, there is a reasonable amount to read hopefully without it being overwhelming.